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Invest with confidence. We are fully committed to your financial growth.

Fassi Financial works with you to develop trustworthy and realistic customized financial plans.

Strategic Planning

  • Establish investment policy statements
  • Allocate assets according to your personal needs and financial goals
  • Review your financial plan on a regular basis


  • Utilize tactical asset allocation strategies
  • Take advantage of tax strategies so you keep more of what you earn
  • Identify opportunities to transfer risk to a third party when possible


  • Income needs analysis
  • Review tax implications
  • Make sure you do not outlive your money
  • Maximize Social Security Income
  •  Utilize tax strategies, including 72T, to receive retirement income penalty free


  • Evaluate Estate Tax implications
  • Review Trusts, Wills and Beneficiary Designations
  • Identify Business Continuation Strategies

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts

We work with clients individually and as couples, to help them navigate the financial realities associated with divorce. Developing a comprehensive insight of the short- and long-term financial effects of divorce can avoid additional distress and help save valuable time and money, especially if the process is conducted early in the legal proceedings.


Terri and Mike Fassi are seasoned financial professionals who specialize in helping people understand more about financial planning. Financial Educators Network, an independent financial training and education company, offers informational and educational classes and are offered at colleges, universities, public and private corporations, municipalities and government agencies. For more information, see

Course Topics include:

  •      What will my retirement look like?
  •      Early retirement concerns
  •      Social Security “When should I take it?”
  •      Non-traditional investments
  •      How to protect my hard earned assets